Jul 3, 2024

On the approach to the end of the school year, it’s time to show teachers how appreciated they are! Here at F.Hinds we have put together a selection of gifts that we think would make the perfect present, to show your appreciation before schools break up for the summer.

What better way to show some love than with a gift from the heart? Gifting something sentimental can be a small reminder of all those treasured laughs, school trips and happy moments in the classroom.

Left to Right; Willow Tree 27267 Thank You – P6458 – Β£29.95/ Sophia Dragonfly Trinket Box – P60101 – Β£19.99/ Impressions Silver Plated Photo Frame – P9155 – Β£12.99.

Why not gift something that will last forever? A small dainty piece of jewellery that can accompany any outfit is a secure option that is guaranteed to make that teacher feel special and appreciated.

Left to Right; Silver Flower Stud Earrings – 7mm – F01010 – Β£14.99/ Silver Cubic Zirconia Daisy Necklace – F3403 – Β£19.95.

Say thank you with something practical. A classic gifting option (but a great one!) is to show your admiration with a durable present that can be used day to day, reminding that teacher how valued they are.

Left to Right; Stratton Gold Tone Rollerball Pen – A2223 – Β£21.99/ Silver Tone Navy Blue and Red Oval Cufflinks – A4584 – Β£17.99.

We guarantee our selection of gifts here at F.Hinds will ensure that special teacher feels valued and appreciated before their well-deserved summer holidays.