Holiday books and games

Aug 11, 2022

Loki by Louie Stowell 

A perfect book to keep your little ones reading. A diary written by the god Loki as he is banished to earth, this fresh and funny story was February’s book of the month for children. As it is Waterstones first anniversary at Baytree, Louie Stowell will be visiting on Sunday the 14th of August at 2:30 to sign your books, so come along and meet the writer. At Waterstones for £6.99. 

101 things for kids to do outside by Dawn Isaac 

This book will keep your kids entertained all summer for there is everything for them to do. 101 things for kids to do outside holds countless activities from setting up a wormery to planting a potato tower can also be done with friends or family. helping kids become more independent while they enjoy the most of outside. All activities can be done all year round. For only £14.99 at Waterstones. 

Agatha Christie death on the cards 

Work together to solve the murder against all suspects. While one player is the murderer, each player has their own secrets that are hidden. While all secrets are uncovered they must discover the murderer before they escape. This game will keep your evening full of fun and excitement. Purchase now for £14.99 at Waterstones. 

The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett 

The upcoming story of a murder mystery of a class teacher who disappeared after finding a code, makes Steven wonder what really happened. By the author of The Appeal, Janice Hallett creates totally brilliant plot twists while packing it with clues and red herrings, the Twyford Code will keep you reading and thinking all summer long. At Waterstones for £7.49.