Glastonbury Fits 😍

Jun 10, 2023

Summer is almost here, meaning one thing: festival season. And, as many of us have been anticipating, the Glastonbury festival is commencing on the 21st until the 26th of June. Since tickets, travel, and camping are stressful enough, here is a guide on what to wear to look trendy this season. 


Although this is only a small difference, changing the black in your outfit to white can help to bring out those summer colours. One way to do this is white shorts/skirts, easily styled with any coloured top. Below is a Next white skirt (£32), Peacock white shorts (£18), and Select white shorts (£15.99).


Crochet has seen a consistent role in fashion throughout this decade and continues to be a festival staple. Whether it is colourful, beige, or black, any outfit with an element of crochet will be sure to make a statement. Below is a New Look crochet top (£20), a Next crochet top (£30), and Peacock crochet bottoms (£22). 

Cowboy boots emerged from Harry Styles Love on Tour and have grown in quantity since. So, buckle up because these boots will be everywhere! Below is a pair of Next boots (£85) and a pair of Select boots (£39.99)

Finally, an easy element to include in your outfit is rhinestones. These little sparkly gems come in many forms: covering bags, scarves, dresses and more. Below are Peacock sandals (£24) and a Select top

Head on down to The County Square to grab all of your festival essentials and check out other options. 😍