Summer ready at County Square!

Jun 23, 2022

No summer is complete without a barbeque, and this Premium Kamado 19” BBQ Grill from Homeplus Furniture is perfect for catering for large groups at garden parties. This multi-use BBQ can be used for grilling, baking, smoking, cooking or just keeping your food (or you) warm. The high-quality ceramic exterior is durable, aesthetically pleasing and it keeps the food exceptionally tender for a unique cooking experience that adds flavour to the food. With a pizza stone and grill elevation, you can cook a large variety of food to please the whole party! RRP £899.99

Kamado BBQ Black Ceramic Grill Egg - 21"

Lying by the pool with the heat of the sun shining on your skin and a cool drink by your side, the only thing you need is a relaxing summer read. Whatever your taste, be it a gripping murder mystery or a heartwrenching romance, Waterstones has it all for your holiday this summer. Some of our top recommendations for you this year are Murder By The Seaside (ten short murder stories set anywhere from cornish beaches to the french riviera, which will test the brains of the most avid crime reader. RRP £7.49) and It Ends With Us (a touching and heartbreaking story of desire, loss and second chances, which focuses on a brilliantly realised love triangle. RRP £7.49).

          Murder by the Seaside by Cecily Gayford | Waterstones

Get beach-ready at Superdrug this summer, with their Eco-designed Sun Protection lotion. This Amber Solaire sun cream from Garnier with SPF50 is sure to protect your skin from burns and long-term damage while you relax on the beach, all in the knowledge that this bottle is environmentally friendly and respectful to marine life. The cream is non-greasy so it feels lovely when applied to your skin, and can last all day so you don’t need to worry about reapplying it. A 200ml bottle is £6.99.

When the sun is burning through in 30-degree weather, a refreshing smoothie is all you need! At Muffin Break, they have a variety of delicious flavours which cool you down and contribute towards your 5 a day – it’s a win-win situation! Some of their flavours include ‘Berry Go Round’, ‘Pash n Shoot’ and much more. These zingy, mouthwatering flavour combinations are ideal for those hot summer days, all for just £4.95.

Muffin Break UK

Whether you’re wandering down to a tropical beach or going on a girls’ shopping spree, this Straw Tote Bag is the perfect accessory to carry all your belongings in a stylish but practical bag. With a beautiful exterior, the straw tote bag with round black handles is a staple to pair with all your summer outfits. Retailing for £14, this summer accessory from Peacocks would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.