Bonfire Night Prep at County Square ✨

Nov 2, 2022

1. Find your fashion
When it comes to firework fashion, it’s all about the layers. Accessory-wise, think, bobble hats, scarves, and gloves – but make sure they’re knitted rather than padded or you’ll struggle to hold those sparklers! Now, think of warm joggers, jeans, faux fur gillets and body warmers that can be taken off if it gets too warm. Not prepped? Head on down to  New Look and JD to take a peek at their picks. 🧣

2. Know your audience
Fireworks are beautiful, but little ones and pets may not be fans of the bangs. Taking tots to a display? Keep the tears at bay and invest in a pair of ear defenders from Superdrug. Not only will they reduce the volume, but they also look really cute in photos. Hosting at home? Keep wildlife happy and look out for silent fireworks, making sure pets stay inside in the evenings that they’re going off and keep them happy with plenty of cuddles and toys from Poundland. 🐶

3. Pop out the snacks
No bonfire night is complete without snacks. Pick up a warming hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows from Costa Coffee. We also love party food like pizzas, that can be packed up and taken to a display, or simply enjoyed at home before. Pick up yours from On Pizza! 🍕